Gilbert Hernandez

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Globally, 800 million people are malnourished. Heavily subsidised farmers in rich countries produce sufficient surplus food to feed the hungry, but not at a price the poor can afford. Even donating the rich world's surplus to the poor would not solve the problem. Most poor people earn their living from agriculture, so a deluge of free food would destroy(More)
EDBL (Euskararen Datu-Base Lexikala) is a general-purpose lexical database used in Basque text-processing tasks. It is a large repository of lexical knowledge (currently around 80,000 entries) that acts as basis and support in a number of different NLP tasks, thus providing lexical information for several language tools: morphological analysis, spell(More)
We present two secure real-time video conferencing solutions with JPEG coding using a cipher engine based on the Blowfish algorithm. One of these solutions is developed from Java media framework (JMF). In this case, our solution consists of encrypting frames coded with JPEG that are later encapsulated in packets of the RTP protocol (H. Schulzrinne et al.,(More)
● Coder – visualization (d3.js, Ratchet), website (Flask), frontend (Bootstrap) Jacob Portnoff (@jacobportnoff / jacob.portnoff@ischool) ● Writer – data gathering/processing (Pig), backend Mentor Gilad Mishne (@gilad / Goals The hope of this project is to build an exploratory visualization application from data gathered from Twitter. We(More)
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