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Let p denote a prime. In this article we provide the first published lower bounds for the greatest prime factor of p − 1 exceeding (p − 1) 1 2 in which the constants are effectively computable. As a result we prove that it is possible to calculate a value x 0 such that for every x > x 0 there is a p < x with the greatest prime factor of p − 1 exceeding x 3(More)
As a recent introductory textbook in social psychology (Kunda, 1999) remarks, there is surprisingly little consistency in people's friendliness, honesty, or any other personality trait from one situation to other, different situations.. .. [W]e often fail to realize this, and tend to assume that behavior is far more consistent and predictable than it really(More)
In his elegant discussion, Sripada distinguishes three possible innate bases for aspects of morality: (1) certain specific principles might be innate, (2) a less simple " principles and parameters " model might apply, and (3) innate biases might have have some influence over what morality a person acquires without determining the content of that morality. 1(More)
1 Brief Sketch of Recent Skepticism about Character Traits 1.1 Philosophy—Sartre Sartre (1956) describes ways in which one may present oneself to others as being a certain sort of person. In one of his examples, a waiter presents himself as a waiter by as it were acting the part of a waiter. More generally, Sartre argues that, wanting to be, or at least to(More)