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There are three familiar and related arguments against psycho-physical functionalism and the computer model of the mind. The first is that we are directly aware of intrinsic features of our experience and argues that there is no way to account for this awareness in a functional view. The second claims that a person blind from birth can know all about the(More)
Let p denote a prime. In this article we provide the first published lower bounds for the greatest prime factor of p − 1 exceeding (p − 1) 1 2 in which the constants are effectively computable. As a result we prove that it is possible to calculate a value x 0 such that for every x > x 0 there is a p < x with the greatest prime factor of p − 1 exceeding x 3(More)
Albert thinks about what route to take to get to Boston. He thinks that, while the direct western route is faster, the scenic eastern route is longer but more enjoyable with less traffic. He is in a bit of a hurry but could probably arrive on time going either way. He eventually reaches a decision. The reasoning Albert goes through in settling on what route(More)