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There are three familiar and related arguments against psychophysical functionalism and the computer model of the mind. The first is that we are directly aware of intrinsic features of our experienceExpand
Change in View
Change in view : , Change in view : , کتابخانه دیجیتال و فن آوری اطلاعات دانشگاه امام صادق(ع)
XIV—Moral Philosophy Meets Social Psychology: Virtue Ethics and the Fundamental Attribution Error
Ordinary moral thought often commits what social psychologists call 'the fundamental attribution error'. This is the error of ignoring situational factors and overconfidently assuming thatExpand
Reasoning, Meaning, and Mind
Introduction PART I. REASONING 1. Rationality 2. Practical Reasoning 3. Simplicity as a Pragmatic Criterion for Deciding What Hypotheses to Take Seriously 4. Pragmatism and Reasons for Belief PARTExpand
The nature of morality : an introduction to ethics
Gilbert Harman, Princeton University. D This introductory ethics text opens with an examination of a central problem about ethics-its apparent immunity from observational testing. In an informal yetExpand
Conceptual Role Semantics
Conceptual role semantics (CRS) is the view that the meanings of expressions of a language (or other symbol system) or the contents of mental states are determined or explained by the role of the expressions or mental states in thinking. Expand
Moral relativism and moral objectivity
Preface. Part I: Moral Relativism (Harman):. 1. Moral Relativism. 2. Social Contracts. 3. Expressing Basic Disagreement. 4. Universality of Practical Reasons?. 5. Judgements about Outsiders. Part II:Expand
Moral Philosophy and Linguistics