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Sea surface reservoir ages must be known to establish a common chronological framework for marine, continental, and cryospheric paleoproxies, and are crucial for understanding ocean-continent climatic relationships and the paleoventilation of the ocean. Radiocarbon dates of planktonic foraminifera and tephra contemporaneously deposited over Mediterranean(More)
Friction stir welding (FSW) is considered one of the most significant developments in joining technology over the last half century. Its industrial applications are growing steadily and so are the number of workers using this technology. To date, there are no reports on airborne exposures during FSW. The objective of this study was to investigate possible(More)
—This work proposes a new economic approach that can form a cost-benefit-risk basis for optimum decision making for systems with prognostic capabilities, and a method to assess the value of PHM for its user after a prognostic indication. PHM potentially enables performance based logistics, condition-based maintenance, and reduced life cycle cost. When an(More)
Hyperthyroidism usually causes a typical clinical syndrome in younger patients, but in some cases it presents with only minimal or atypical symptoms. This is especially true in older patients, who may have none of the typical signs, such as goiter. Differentiation between a euthyroid hyperthyroxinemic state and hyperthyroidism is crucial to avoid(More)
This paper provides an optimization model based on Real Options (RO) and stochastic dynamic programming for the availability maximization of an offshore wind farm with prognostic capabilities. Alternative energy sources such as offshore wind turbines are promising technologies, but they are capital intensive projects, and the economics of the project depend(More)
Molecular biology techniques and their application are becoming increasingly important to the practicing clinician. This article reviews the basics of DNA chemistry and highlights important molecular biology techniques. It will provide a guide for the pediatric surgeon as she/he attempts to integrate this field into everyday practice.
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