Gilbert Castillo

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The wide use of performance counters by application developers and benchmarking teams gives evidence that performance counters are well worth the silicon and design time required to include them on modern microprocessors. These counters provide rudimentary performance measurements that may or may not be accurate. This paper presents our methodology for(More)
Data Mining is the extraction of hidden predictive information from large database which can be used in various commercial applications like bioinformatics, E-commerce etc. Association Rule, classification and clustering are three different algorithms in data mining. Course Recommender System plays an important role in identifying the behavior of students(More)
Motivation • The Problem: – In most challenge applications of machine learning • Data flows continuously over time • Dynamic Environments – Some characteristic properties of the problem can change over time – Examples: • Sensor Data • User modelling, e-commerce • Fraud Detection, Intrusion detection • Monitoring in biomedicine and industrial processes •(More)
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