Gilbert Arbez

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Over the last decade there has been a growing interest in `conceptual modeling' for simulation. This is signified by a greater intensity of research and volume of papers on the topic. What is becoming apparent, however, is that when it comes to conceptual modeling there are quite different views and opinions. These differences may be beneficial for creating(More)
The notion of a conceptual model is present in any discussion about the modelling and simulation process within the discrete event dynamic system domain (Robinson 2011). This paper presents an overview on an activity-based conceptual modelling framework: Activity Based Conceptual modelling = ABCmod (Birta and Arbez 2013). It transforms the general notion of(More)
The typical approach to designing embedded systems manages the specification and design of the hardware and software separately. HW/SW Co-design is used, in embedded computing, to allow the hardware and the software to be designed and implemented together and make sure that the non-functional properties are met. Behavior-driven development (BDD) is an agile(More)
There is considerable need to educate students in the process of developing conceptual models within the modeling and simulation discipline. The challenge is complicated by the fact that the specific form of a conceptual model is not driven by universally accepted criteria and one might argue that the ultimate purpose of such a model is itself ill-defined.(More)
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