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Layered medium comprised of metal-dielectrics constituents is of much interest in the field of metamaterials. Here we introduce a novel analysis approach based on competing coupled structures of plasmonic gaps (MIM) and slabs (IMI) for the detailed comprehension of the band structure of periodic metal-dielectric stacks. This approach enables the rigorous(More)
A circular zero-time-averaged power component, coupling the forward (dielectric) and backward (metal) power channels of Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPPs), is shown to be the core ingredient for the slow-light characteristic of SPPs at the surface plasmon frequency, for both a lossless and lossy metal. Additional slow-light regimes emerging in configurations(More)
Loss is known to be detrimental for achieving perfect focusing with the passive perfect lens designs suggested thus far, and it is believed to pose a fundamental barrier. We show that perfect lensing can be achieved with actual lossy left-handed metamaterials, without a need for gain or nonlinearity. The proposed loss-immune perfect lens is composed of a(More)
Room-temperature, continuous-wave laser action at 2.3 microm corresponding to the (3)H(4)-(3)H(5) transition in Tm(3+)- doped YLF is achieved. Output powers of 200 mW and a slope efficiency of 15% have been obtained for a pump power of 2 W at 0.78 microm. In addition, continuous tunability of this laser from 2.20 to 2.46 microm is obtained.
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