Gilad Rosenblatt

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An imaging Raman system based on a 2-D detector and capable of collecting simultaneously 1024 spatially resolved spectra has been constructed. Hardware and software are described which allow real time analysis of the spectral data, leading to a large reduction in the data storage requirements. The analysis yields a 1-D profile (1024 points) across the(More)
Layered medium comprised of metal-dielectrics constituents is of much interest in the field of metamaterials. Here we introduce a novel analysis approach based on competing coupled structures of plasmonic gaps (MIM) and slabs (IMI) for the detailed comprehension of the band structure of periodic metal-dielectric stacks. This approach enables the rigorous(More)
A circular zero-time-averaged power component, coupling the forward (dielectric) and backward (metal) power channels of Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPPs), is shown to be the core ingredient for the slow-light characteristic of SPPs at the surface plasmon frequency, for both a lossless and lossy metal. Additional slow-light regimes emerging in configurations(More)
Loss is known to be detrimental for achieving perfect focusing with the passive perfect lens designs suggested thus far, and it is believed to pose a fundamental barrier. We show that perfect lensing can be achieved with actual lossy left-handed metamaterials, without a need for gain or nonlinearity. The proposed loss-immune perfect lens is composed of a(More)
Recent observations indicate that the rate of evaporation of elemental arsenic into a vacuum is determined by the rate of formation, at screw dislocations, of kinks in ledges of molecular height. Once formed, a kink advances along the ledge, which makes a continuous spiral ramp outward from the dislocation, until the ledge terminates. A kink advances by(More)
Patients with hemorrhagic disorders are a concern to the dental profession because of their propensity for severe and prolonged intraoral bleeding following therapy, especially subgingival debridement and surgical procedures. One of the most common and perhaps least recognized hereditary coagulation disorder is von Willebrand's disease, also referred to as(More)
A Raman spectroscopy system having an unprecedented combination of high sensitivity and low noise has been built incorporating an imaging (2-D) photomultiplier tube. The number of photons detected for a vibrational band approaches the theoretical limit set by the Raman cross section and experimental configuration. A detector dark count of 10(-4)(More)
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