Gilad Horowitz

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Metabolic abnormalities arising from malnutrition and malignancy are seen in patients with cancer cachexia. To discriminate between the effects of pure malnutrition and tumour-specific metabolic alterations, the kinetics of whole-body metabolism were determined in 7 untreated, malnourished cancer patients and in 11 patients with benign disease, also(More)
Two siblings are reported who developed classical signs and symptoms of Parkinsonism in the first decade of life. In addition, they had evidence of cortical spinal tract disease, thus putting them in the category of Davison's pallido-pyramidal syndrome. Both deteriorated to the point of a non-productive existence until the institution of levodopa treatment,(More)
IMPORTANCE Transnasal fiberoptic laryngoscopy (TFL) has been used to guide various in-office procedures for the past 3 decades. Publications on in-office laryngeal biopsy have concurred that this procedure is safe, feasible, and easy to perform. However, the accuracy of in-office biopsy via TFL has not yet been established. The aim of this study was to(More)
BACKGROUND We report an unusual case of a 66-year-old female with a suspicious thoracic outlet mass presenting with severe biochemical hyperparathyroidism and classic hypercalcemic symptoms of renal and bone involvement. CASE PRESENTATION There was clinical suspicion for parathyroid carcinoma, further supported by intra-operative findings. However, the(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe a novel radiographic sign ("halo") and a new classification method of an evolving perisigmoid epidural abscess and present its correlation with intraoperative findings. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective and prospective cohort study in a tertiary academic children's hospital. METHODS The retrospective arm (15 children) was conducted(More)
BACKGROUND Head and Neck Parapharyngeal space tumors are rare. Pleomorphic Adenomas are the most common Parapharyngeal space tumors. The purpose of this study was to define preoperative criteria for enabling full extirpation of parapharyngeal space pleomorphic adenomas via the transcervical approach while minimizing functional and cosmetic morbidity. (More)
OBJECTIVE To compare frontal sinus cranialization to obliteration for future prevention of secondary mucocele formation following open surgery for benign lesions of the frontal sinus. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective case series. SETTING Tertiary academic medical center. PATIENTS Sixty-nine patients operated for benign frontal sinus pathology between 1994(More)
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