Gilad Har-Zion

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OBJECTIVE To assess changes in lip posture following debonding of labial appliances on the basis of a new soft tissue analysis performed by computerized tools with the use of conventional nonstandardized profile photographic pictures. MATERIALS AND METHODS Profile photographs of 33 patients were taken just before and just after debonding of labial(More)
Objectives. The aim of this study was to assess the influence of resistance to sliding on expression of superelastic properties of NiTi wires. Methods and Materials. A three-point bending test was performed for 0.014 NiTi wire engaged in self-ligating (Damon, SmartClip, In-Ovation) and conventional brackets (Victory) ligated with regular and reduced(More)
Upper removable appliances (URA), as well as full dentures, are known to be the cause of various complaints related to oral handling of food and beverages, phonation and vocalization, in addition to general discomfort. To test the hypothesis that taste and flavour perception might also be affected by URA, 22 young orthodontic patients (10 males and 12(More)
INTRODUCTION In this study, we assessed the friction forces between various self-ligating brackets and stainless steel orthodontic wires, subjected to different shear and bending forces in the buccolingual plane. METHODS Three kinds of self-ligating brackets and 2 kinds of ligated controls were tested in a newly developed in-vitro system. Friction was(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical manifestation of and treatment modalities for this severe phenotype of infraocclusion and to examine relationships between deep submersion and the occurrence of other dental anomalies. MATERIALS AND METHODS The experimental sample consisted of 25 orthodontic patients with at least one deciduous molar in infraocclusion(More)
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