Gilad Halpert

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LPS-activated macrophages produce mediators which are involved in inflammation and tissue injury, and especially those associated with endotoxic shock. The non toxic tellurium compound ammonium tri-chloro(dioxoethylene-O,O'-)tellurate, AS101, has been recently shown to exert profound anti-inflammatory properties in animal models, associated with its Te(IV)(More)
Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) are a group of idiopathic, chronic immune-mediated diseases characterized by an aberrant immune response, including imbalances of inflammatory cytokine production and activated innate and adaptive immunity. Selective blockade of leukocyte migration into the gut is a promising strategy for the treatment of IBD. This study(More)
Tellurium is a rare element, which has been regarded as a non-essential trace element despite its relative abundance in the human body. The chemistry of tellurium supports a plethora of activities, but its biochemistry is not clearly established to date. The small tellurium(IV) compound, ammonium trichloro (dioxoethylene-o,o')tellurate (AS101) developed and(More)
NK cell activation is regulated by a balance between activating and inhibitory signals. To address the question of how these signals are spatially integrated, we created a computer simulation of activating and inhibitory NK cell immunological synapse (NKIS) assembly, implementing either a "quantity-based" inhibition model or a "distance-based" inhibition(More)
The hamster flank organ has served as a model to study androgen-dependent responses of the skin, but the quantitative response of hair follicles to androgenic stimulation has been neglected. We assayed the hair follicle response to testosterone (T) and compared it to the response of the sebaceous glands and of the dermal pigment in the Golden Syrian hamster(More)
PURPOSE Pathological angiogenesis and chronic inflammation greatly contribute to the development of choroidal neovascularization (CNV) in chorioretinal diseases involving abnormal contact between retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) and endothelial cells (ECs), associated with Bruch's membrane rupture. We explored the ability of the small organotellurium(More)
l’he electrochemical, bulk and interracial properties of the polyethylene oxjdc(P130) based polymer composite electrolyte (CSE) comprising l.JiI, PRO, and A1203 have been evaluated for I,i battery app] icat.i.ons. The bulk int,erfacial and transport properties of the CSES seem to strongly dependent on the alumina particle size. For the CSE films with 0.05(More)
Cyclo aliphatic epoxide based thin gelled films prepared by UV photo curing were characterized electrochemically. Ethylene carbonate (EC) mixed with different organic liquids in different volume ratios were used as solvents. General composition of the electrolyte was CYC1O aliphatic epoxide (being sold under the trade name “ENVIBAR” by Union Carbide) 10-28(More)
A direct methanol-air fiel cell operating at near atmospheric pressure, low-flow rate air, and at temperatures close to 60°C would tremendously enlarge the scope of potential applications. While earlier studies have reported performance with oxygen, the present study focuses on characterizing the performance of a PEM liquid feed direct methanol-air cell(More)
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