Gila Solomon

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The prevalence, pathologic effects, and treatment of Capillaria plica infection were investigated in two breeding kennels. The prevalence of C plica infection in mature dogs in two kennels (127 dogs) was 76% and 59%. Pups less than 8 months old did not pass C plica eggs in the urine. Age, breed, or sex predilection was not observed in mature dogs. In(More)
UNLABELLED Leptin signaling is involved in T-cell polarization and is required for profibrotic function of hepatic stellate cells (HSCs). Leptin-deficient ob/ob mice do not develop liver fibrosis despite the presence of severe long-standing steatohepatitis. Here, we blocked leptin signaling with our recently generated mouse leptin antagonist (MLA), and(More)
DNA inserts encoding human interleukin 10 (hIL-10), optimized for codon usage and secondary RNA structure, were purchased from several commercial sources and subcloned into a pMon vector. Despite the optimization, protein expression was nil. We therefore subjected the 5' segment of the cDNA encoding N-terminal amino acids 2-11 to degenerate PCR in order to(More)