Gil Weinberg

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37 Computer Music Journal, 25:2, pp. 37–45, Summer 2001 © 2001 Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Squeezables is a computer music instrument that allows a group of players to perform and improvise musical compositions by using a set of squeezing and pulling gestures. The instrument, comprised of six squeezable and retractable gel balls mounted on a(More)
We present our approach for human-robot musical interaction using a perceptual and socially-oriented robotic percussionist. Our robot, named Haile, listens to live players, analyzes perceptual musical aspects in real-time, and uses the product of this analysis to playback in an acoustically rich manner, forming musical collaborations with human players. We(More)
We present Shimon, an interactive improvisational robotic marimba player, developed for research in Robotic Musicianship. The robot listens to a human musician and continuously adapts its improvisation and choreography, while playing simultaneously with the human. We discuss the robot's mechanism and motion-control, which uses physics simulation and(More)
Shimon is an autonomous marimba-playing robot designed to create interactions with human players that lead to novel musical outcomes. The robot combines music perception, interaction, and improvisation with the capacity to produce melodic and harmonic acoustic responses through choreographic gestures. We developed an anticipatory action framework, and a(More)
The Beatbugs are hand-held percussive instruments that allow the creation, manipulation, and sharing of rhythmic motifs through a simple interface. When multiple Beatbugs are connected in a network, players can form large-scale collaborative compositions by interdependently sharing and developing each other’s motifs. Each Beatbug player can enter a motif(More)
We present new developments in the improvisational robotic percussionist project, aimed at improving human-robot interaction through design, mechanics, and perceptual modeling. Our robot, named Haile, listens to live human players, analyzes perceptual aspects in their playing in real-time, and uses the product of this analysis to play along in a(More)