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Salterns, one of the most extreme natural hypersaline environments, are a rich source of halophilic and halotolerant microorganisms, but they remain largely underexplored ecological niches in the discovery of bioactive secondary metabolites. In continued efforts to investigate the metabolic potential of microbial populations from chemically underexplored(More)
PURPOSE To describe the design of a radiofrequency (RF) electrode catheter/guide wire system to allow endovascular coagulation of vessels. MATERIALS AND METHODS A circuit was created by modifying an ordinary microcatheter. An electrically conductive ring was placed at a microcatheter tip, and an extension lead at the hub site. They were each connected to(More)
Two new phenylspirodrimane derivatives, stachybotrysin (1) and stachybotrylactone B (2), were isolated from the cultures of the marine-derived fungus Stachybotrys sp. KCB13F013. The structures were determined by analyzing the spectroscopic data (1D and 2D NMR and MS) and chemical transformation, including the modified Mosher's method and single-crystal(More)
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