Gil Rodrigues

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In order to evaluate the seroprevalence of the american trypanosomiasis, syphilis, toxoplasmosis, rubella, hepatitis B infection, hepatitis C infection and human immunodeficiency virus infection among pregnant women attended at the Hospital Universitário Regional Norte do Paraná, Londrina State University, Paraná, a retrospective study of the serologic(More)
Amyloidosis is a term encompassing a group of disorders characterized by the extracellular deposition of a substance called amyloid in various tissues. A very rare cause of chronic ocular discomfort is amyloidosis. We treated a patient with the above complaint in whom both eyelids were diffusely swollen with no other chronic ophthalmic complaints.(More)
Synchronous multicentric giant cell tumour (MGCT) is a rare occurrence. We report a young woman who presented with a synchronous skull and lower shaft femur giant cell tumour, who had previously received radiotherapy to both the sites, it being deemed inoperable at initial assessment.
Anesthetic management of patients with carcinoid tumors can be challenging in the perioperative setting due to the risk of carcinoid mediators release which could precipitate a life-threatening carcinoid crisis. Octreotide is being used to prevent and treat carcinoid crisis, but its prophylactic scheme is not well established yet. We report a carcinoid(More)
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