Gil-Ro Cha

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Efficient encoding of sensory information can be implemented by heterogeneous response properties of neurons within sensory pathways. In the auditory system, neurons in the main auditory midbrain nucleus, the inferior colliculus (IC), show heterogeneous response properties to various types of acoustic stimuli including behaviorally relevant sounds. The(More)
––In order to improve the efficiency of energy conversion for a photovoltaic (PV) system, a soft-switching boost converter using a simple auxiliary resonant circuit, which is composed of an auxiliary switch, a diode, a resonant inductor, and a resonant capacitor, is adopted in this paper. The conventional boost converter decreases the efficiency because of(More)
This paper endeavours to estimate the influence of soft switching on semiconductor devices " rating, when they are subjected to high frequency applications. In order to find out the extent of saving in semiconductor devices losses, soft switched circuits were studied and analyzed. An experimental set up which could be operated both in hard-switching and(More)
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