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Field metabolic rates (FMRs; CO2 production) and water influx rates of Varanus rosenbergi were measured seasonally by means of doubly-labelled water (3H2 18O). Metabolic rates and water influexes were highest in summer (0.18 ml CO2 g−1 h−1 and 17.9 ml H2O kg−1 day−1) and lowest in winter (0.04 ml CO2 g−1 h−1 and 6.5 ml H2O kg−1 day−1). FMRs and water fluxes(More)
With a fast change of land use in Marlborough from extensive pastoral farming to intensive irrigated viticulture, a need has risen to investigate the sustainable use of the available water. In 2001 a 5 ha irrigation research project was installed in a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc vineyard. Irrigation treatments installed were control (compensate 100% for(More)