Gijsbert HW Verrips

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BACKGROUND It is important to know the impact of Very Preterm (VP) birth or Very Low Birth Weight (VLBW). The purpose of this study is to evaluate changes in Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) of adults born VP or with a VLBW, between age 19 and age 28. METHODS The 1983 nationwide Dutch Project On Preterm and Small for gestational age infants (POPS)(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose was, first, to evaluate changes in health-related quality of life (HRQL) in a cohort of very low birth weight (VLBW; <1500 g.) or very preterm (< 32 weeks of gestation) children between ages 14 and 19, and second, to identify correlates of HRQL at age 19. METHODS HRQL was assessed using the Health Utilities Index Mark 3 (HUI3). In(More)
In 1973, 1976, 1979, 1982 and 1988 caries investigations were carried out amongst 6- and 12-year-old primary schoolchildren to study the effectiveness of a dental health campaign begun in 1973. This campaign and the school dental health services were stopped in 1985. In all the years, except 1988, radiographs formed part of the caries examination. The(More)
UNLABELLED In 1995, a dental survey, similar to one carried out in 1983, was performed among persons aged 25-54 in the city of 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. OBJECTIVE To describe trends in adults periodontal health between 1983 and 1995. METHODS The participants were interviewed at home and clinically examined in a dental van. RESULTS Average(More)
The aim of this study was threefold: first, to assess the oral health of Turkish, Moroccan, Surinamese, Dutch and "other" 5-yr-old children living in Amsterdam; second, to identify risk indicators for caries, in addition to ethnicity; and third, to identify potential risk factors related to differences in caries experience in these children. Results showed(More)
In 1987, an epidemiological study was started with the aim to evaluate the development of dental health in young people insured by "Health Insurance Funds'. In The Netherlands, insurance by such funds is compulsory for individuals earning less than some income criterion (in 1995 59,000 Dutch florins) and their families, together approximately 60% of the(More)
In order to gain insight into the degree to which periodontal disease is related to quality of life, research was carried out among 85 patients with moderate or severe periodontal disease in which they were asked to complete the Oral Health Impact Profile-NL49. Their scores on this questionnaire were compared with the scores of 85 control subjects of(More)
In 1987, 1993 and 1999 an epidemiological study on oral health was performed in youngsters aged 5, 11, 17 or 23 years, in whom oral health care was covered by a health insurance fund. To obtain data on dental attendance, oral hygiene habits and the use of fluoride tablets questionnaires were used; data on the prevalence of dental plaque and calculus was(More)
Public Health insurance provision of dental care for patients with a physical, mental, dental or medical handicap has been reorganized in 1990. In order to evaluate this reorganization, general dental practitioners, dentists in hospital clinics or institutions for the handicapped as well as dentists employed as advisors to local health insurance authorities(More)
A study was executed to investigate the relation between the motivation of the mother to engage in preventive dental behavior, the level of her school education, her place of birth and furthermore the use of fluoride tablets by the child in the age period 1 1/2 - 6 years on the one hand and the caries experience at the age of 6 and 15 years and the(More)