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Metabolomics technology, employed in the analysis of low-molecular endogenous metabolites (e.g., by NMR, LC/MS, GC/MS) and with statistical algorithms, has been applied to the development of new drugs, the diagnosis of diseases, and a variety of other fields. In the present research, certain endogenous metabolite candidates with which, by application of(More)
The use of the proxy server is being extended steadily in order to provide various web services and improve the quality of web service. However, passing many proxy servers may degrade the quality of web service, because of increasing HTTP message processing time. In this paper, we propose a scheme that bypasses many proxy servers constituting proxy chain.(More)
Existing NAT solves to IP address exhaustion problem binding private IP address and public IP address, and NAT traversal such as hole punching scheme enables to communicate End-to-End devices located in different private networks. However, such technologies are centralized the workload at NAT gateway and increase transmission delay caused by packet(More)
In this paper, we studied for the synchronization of CCNx that is one of the Content Centric Network (CCN) projects by using Hazelcast. CCN is considered as a way to solve the explosive growth of Internet traffic. Hazelcast is an open source In-Memory Data Grid. Hazelcast, that one of the consensus-based in-memory data grid, has the strength to speed,(More)
networking is not widely considered. Also, open source software and hardware for an enterprise network is not well developed. Thus, in this paper, we introduce the openwincon project. openwincon is an open source wireless-wired network controller, and it is based on Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) technology. openwincon is sponsored by the Korean(More)
Owing to an increase in mobile devices and the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile traffic has increased exponentially. Consequently, a wide range of research on handover has been conducted to provide mobile device users with stable network quality. Most research on handover uses a network-dependent method that establishes a new protocol or a(More)
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