Gihyoun Lee

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The microphone in a fully implantable hearing device (FIHD) is generally implanted under the skin covering the temporal bone. However, the implanted microphone can be affected by the skin, which causes both sound attenuation and distortion, particularly at high frequencies. As the degree of attenuation and distortion through the skin is severe, speech(More)
This paper presents a voice activity detection (VAD) approach using a perceptual wavelet entropy neighbor slope (PWENS) in a low signal-to-noise (SNR) environment and with a variety of noise types. The basis for our study is to use acoustic features that have large entropy variance for each wavelet critical band. The speech signal is decomposed by the(More)
In this paper, we propose a new speech enhancement algorithm based on wavelet packet decomposition and mask filtering. In the traditional mask filtering such as ideal binary mask (IBM), the basic idea is to classify speech components as target signal and non-speech components as background noises. However, speech and non-speech components cannot be well(More)
BACKGROUND Fully implantable hearing devices (FIHDs) can be affected by generated biomechanical noise such as mastication noise. OBJECTIVE To reduce the mastication noise using a piezo-electric sensor, the mastication noise is measured with the piezo-electric sensor, and noise reduction is practiced by the energy difference. METHODS For the experiment(More)
In this paper, the vessel inscribed trigonometry (VITM) for the vessel progression orientation (VPO) is proposed in the two-dimensional fundus image. The VPO is a major factor in the optic disc (OD) detection which is a basic process in the retina analysis. To measure the VPO, skeletons of vessel are used. First, the vessels are classified into three(More)
In this paper, a new method for individual tooth segmentation was proposed. The proposed method is composed of enhancement and extraction of boundary and seed of watershed algorithm using trisection areas by morphological characteristic of teeth. The watershed algorithm is one of the conventional methods for tooth segmentation; however, the method has some(More)
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