Gih Guang Hung

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One of the main challenges in support vector machine (SVM) for data mining applications is to obtain explicit knowledge from the solutions of SVM for explaining classification decisions. This paper exploits the fact that the decisions from a non-linear SVM could be decoded into linguistic rules based on the information provided by support vectors and its(More)
Formulation of appropriate data analytics workflows requires intricate knowledge and rich experiences of data analytics experts. This problem is further compounded by continuous advancement and improvement in analytical algorithms. In this paper, a generic non-domain specific solution for the creation of appropriate workflows targeted at supervised learning(More)
Accurately determining the probability of various route choices is critical in understanding the actual spatiotemporal flow of commuters and the instantaneous capacity of trains and stations. Here, we report a novel procedure, based solely on the recorded tap-in tap-out ticketing data, that dictates the route choice of commuters in a rail transit system(More)
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