Gigi K Davis

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This paper reports the costs of providing a new model of maternity care compared to standard care in an Australian public hospital. The mean cost of providing care per woman was lower in the group who had the new model of care compared with standard care ($2,579 versus $3,483). Cost savings associated with new model of care were maintained even after costs(More)
OBJECTIVE To test whether a new community-based model of continuity of care provided by midwives and obstetricians improved maternal clinical outcomes, in particular a reduced caesarean section rate. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial. SETTING A public teaching hospital in metropolitan Sydney, Australia. Sample 1089 women randomised to either the(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated women's perceptions of a new community-based model of continuity of antenatal care, the St George Outreach Maternity Project (STOMP). The model was established in an attempt to address some of the ongoing concerns and criticisms regarding antenatal care in Australia: lack of continuity of care and caregiver; prolonged waiting(More)
We report the introduction of a woman-held record into an antenatal clinic in a NSW teaching hospital using a randomized controlled trial. In 1997, 150 women were randomized to either retaining their entire antenatal record through pregnancy (women-held group) or to holding a small, abbreviated card, as was standard practice (control group). A questionnaire(More)
A number of birth centres were established in New South Wales as a result of the Shearman Report (NSW Health Department 1989). The objective of this study was to compare the obstetric outcomes, primarily caesarean section rates, of low-risk women presenting in spontaneous labour to the birth centre with those attending the hospital's conventional labour(More)
The outcomes of 129 pregnancies in which the fetus was found to have a structural cardiac abnormality are reviewed. Over a 30-month period from January 1985 to June 1987, 1924 patients were referred to the British Heart Foundation Research Centre for Perinatal Cardiology at Guy's Hospital for fetal cardiac scanning. A total of 129 structural cardiac(More)
Histiocytoid cardiomyopathy (HC) is a rare but distinctive arrhythmogenic disorder characterized by incessant ventricular tachycardia, cardiomegaly, and often sudden death by age 2 years. The underlying genetic mechanism of HC has eluded researchers for decades. To further identify the potential molecular-genetic bases of HC, molecular analyses of HC hearts(More)
A service offering external cephalic version to all women with breech presentations at 36-38 weeks' gestation was introduced at St George Hospital in July 1997. This paper describes how this service was established and reports the clinical outcomes over the first three years; 116 external cephalic versions (ECV) were attempted on 114 women and success was(More)
OBJECTIVE To perform a clinicopathologic study with follow-up on this rare subset of tumors in the pediatric population. PATIENTS AND METHODS A search was made through the surgical pathology files of two academic institutions for cases of non-translocation associated renal cell carcinoma in patients younger than 20 years old from 1995 to 2011. RESULTS(More)