Gigi Ferraris

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The diabetogenic effect of deflazacort (DF), an oxazolinic synthetic corticosteroid, was studied in 12 healthy adult subjects with a positive family history of diabetes mellitus. Three oral glucose tests (oGTT) were performed at 9.00 a. m., after a 12 h fast, following randomized administration of Placebo (PL), or Deflazacort (DF 36+36 mg) or Prednisone (PN(More)
The therapeutic action of 3.5 mg glibenclamide (HB 420) once a day for six weeks was evaluated in ten mild NID diabetics previously treated with diet only. Stable HbA1, insulin secretion during hyperglycaemic clamp (100 mg/dl over the baseline in the first study, and at the same level in the second one), peripheral sensitivity expressed as the amount of(More)