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To determine whether inherited muscular dystrophy of the chicken is neurogenic or myogenic in origin, limb buds from homozygous normal and dystrophic chick embryos were exchanged prior to muscle differentiation and innervation. Biceps muscles of hatched chicks, in which muscle of the donor was innervated by nerves of the host, were analyzed for embryonic(More)
Early facial development in normal chick embryos was studied by scanning electron microscopy, and compared to the abnormal facial development of a mutant in which primary palate formation does not occur, thus resulting in bilateral cleft lip. In both normal and "cleft primary palate" mutant embryos, subsequent to the appearance of the nasal placodes, the(More)
Secretory meningioma, a histologic subtype of meningioma of World Health Organization grade 1, is clinically significant because it is frequently accompanied by peritumoral brain edema. The patient was a 53-year-old woman suffering from dysarthria and motor weakness of the right arm. Enhanced magnetic resonance images showed an enhancing mass measuring 2.5(More)
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