Gidie Woju Debo

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The immunodeficiency, centromeric instability and facial anomalies (ICF) syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive disease characterized by targeted chromosome breakage, directly related to a genomic methylation defect. It manifests with phenotypic and clinical variability, with the most consistent features being developmental delay, facial anomalies,(More)
In previous work we have examined the nature of converting enzymes for proinsulin, proglucagon, and prosomatostatin-I (PSS-I) in secretory granules isolated from anglerfish islets. The purpose of the present study was to extend the examination of precursor conversion to islet microsomes and to compare prohormone processing, including that of PSS-I and(More)
Background: Though the burden of malaria is declining, challenges in control continue globally, regionally and nationally as the transmission of malaria is dynamic and determinants differ by place and time, and across populations. The current level of knowledge on malaria prevalence and associated factors in specific communities, such as pastoralist(More)
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