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Identical male twins (four sets aged 10 yr, four sets aged 13 yr, and four sets aged 16 yr) were divided so that one twin underwent strenuos endurance training for 10 wk, while his brother served as a control without training. Intrapair comparisons of the training-period changes in aerobic, anaerobic, and cardiorespiratory responses to maximum work on a(More)
OBJECTIVE Limbic encephalitis is rare in people <18 years of age and rarely given a formal diagnosis. DESIGN Retrospective study on presentation and outcome of children and adolescents with the clinico-radiological syndrome of limbic encephalitis tested for specific neuronal autoantibodies (Abs) over 3.5 years. SETTING Assessment, diagnosis, treatment(More)
ExQueX is an interactive system for exploring and querying XML documents. The exploration is done by searching, ranking and filtering, and it enables users to discover relationships that exist in a given document. The results of the exploration can be used either directly as tree queries or as building blocks in the process of formulating more complex(More)
Two children developed papillary thyroid carcinoma after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation (BMT) probably due to radiotherapy during remission and pretransplantation conditioning. Establishing a relationship between the cellular thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) effect and development of carcinoma in cases with high serum TSH concentrations is(More)
Malignant brain edemas are often fatal, regardless of whether they are treated conservatively with sedation, blood pressure management, mannitol-therapy, hyperventilation and hypothermia, or non-conservatively with routine trepanation. Unfortunately, temporal trepanation may result in significant brain damage through herniation of the cerebrum at the edges(More)