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Constructing semantic queries is a demanding task for human users, as it requires mastering a query language as well as the schema which has been used for storing the data. In this paper, we describe QUICK, a novel system for helping users to construct semantic queries in a given domain. QUICK combines the convenience of keyword search with the expressivity(More)
More and more national libraries and institutes are archiving the web as a part of the cultural heritage. As with all long term archives, these archives contain text and language that evolves over time. This is particularly true for web archives as content published online is highly dynamic and changing at a fast rate. The language evolution causes gaps(More)
With the advance of the Semantic Web technology, increasing data will be annotated with computer understandable structures (i.e. RDF and OWL), which allow us to use more expressive queries to improve our ability in information seeking. However, constructing a structured query is a laborious process, as a user has to master the query language as well as the(More)
Knowing about the evolution of a term can significantly help when searching for relevant information, especially in case of sudden evolutions (e.g. as of dramatical changes in political situations). Here, some terms get a completely new meaning or are used in new or different ways. In mobile situations it is important to be able to effectively retrieve(More)
As language evolves over time, documents stored in long- term archives become inaccessible to users. Automatically, detecting and handling language evolution will become a necessity to meet user’s information needs. In this paper, we investigate the performance of modern tools and algorithms applied on modern English to find word senses that will later(More)
Semantic ambient media are the novel trend in the world of media reaching from the pioneering subareas such as ambient advertising to the new and emerging subareas such as ambient assisted living. They will likely shape the upcoming years in terms of modeling smart environments and also media consumption and interaction. This work analyzes semantic ambient(More)
Knowing about the evolution of a term can significantly decrease time needed for searching for information. It can also aid in quickly getting a broader overview, which is essential when one is on the move. In this paper we present a solution for providing language evolution knowledge “on the go”. We present a mobile interface for easy access and(More)