Gideon Paul

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Delayed enhancement MRI (DE-MRI) can be used to identify myocardial infarct (MI). Classification of MI into the infarct core and heterogeneous periphery (called the gray zone) on conventional inversion-recovery gradient echo (IR-GRE) DE-MRI images has been related to inducibility for ventricular tachycardia. However, this classification is sensitive to(More)
BACKGROUND Myocardial infarct heterogeneity indices including peri-infarct gray zone are predictors for spontaneous ventricular arrhythmias events after ICD implantation in patients with ischemic heart disease. In this study we hypothesize that the extent of peri-infarct gray zone and papillary muscle infarct scores determined by a new multi-contrast late(More)
OBJECTIVES Transradial access for percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) reduces procedural complications however, there are concerns regarding the potential for increased exposure to ionizing radiation to the primary operator. We evaluated the efficacy of a lead-attenuator in reducing radiation exposure during transradial PCI. METHODS AND RESULTS This(More)
This study used CMR to evaluate patients with IHD prior to ICD implantation and correlated CMR measurements to VA inducibility and spontaneous VA events during follow-up. The results demonstrated that the gray-zone measurement using MCLE may be more sensitive in predicting appropriate ICD therapy for VA.
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