Gideon Paul

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Delayed enhancement MRI (DE-MRI) can be used to identify myocardial infarct (MI). Classification of MI into the infarct core and heterogeneous periphery (called the gray zone) on conventional inversion-recovery gradient echo (IR-GRE) DE-MRI images has been related to inducibility for ventricular tachycardia. However, this classification is sensitive to(More)
BACKGROUND Myocardial infarct heterogeneity indices including peri-infarct gray zone are predictors for spontaneous ventricular arrhythmias events after ICD implantation in patients with ischemic heart disease. In this study we hypothesize that the extent of peri-infarct gray zone and papillary muscle infarct scores determined by a new multi-contrast late(More)
This study used CMR to evaluate patients with IHD prior to ICD implantation and correlated CMR measurements to VA inducibility and spontaneous VA events during follow-up. The results demonstrated that the gray-zone measurement using MCLE may be more sensitive in predicting appropriate ICD therapy for VA.
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