Gideon K. D. Zamba

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OBJECTIVES To establish the associations between threshold estimates of 4 perimetric tests and to define and compare the tests' effective dynamic ranges. METHODS We examined 152 patients with glaucoma and 80 controls using standard automated perimetry (SAP) with stimulus size III, SAP with size V, and motion and matrix perimetry. We explored the intertest(More)
Assessment of physical activity in morbidly obese subjects is important especially in bariatric surgery. We examined the validity of Intelligent Device for Energy Expenditure and Activity (IDEEA) for measuring physical activity and sedentary behavior in morbidly obese women. Activity types, gait counts, and speed detected by the IDEEA monitor were compared(More)
Lymphedema of the arm is a complication that occurs in about 10-20% of women treated for breast cancer. Breast cancer treatment can damage or disrupt normal lymphatic pathways, causing fluid to accumulate in the arm. This condition is called lymphedema. Swelling of the arm can be painful and disfiguring, negatively impacting the quality of life of afflicted(More)
The goal of this dissertation research was to better understand relationships among physical activity (PA), cardiorespiratory fitness, adiposity, and cardiovascular (CV) health in children and adolescents. The aim of the first paper was to examine whether fitness and adiposity are independently associated with CV risk factors during puberty. Study(More)
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