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Evaluation of the seed production and grow out culture of blue swimming crab Portunus pelagicus (Linnaeus, 1758) in India
A significant development in bringing out P. pelagicus as a potential species for aquaculture by developing protocol for seed production, nursery rearing and grow-out culture and assessing survival and growth. Expand
Growth Performance of the Green Tiger Prawn Penaeus semisulcatus De Haan in Cages in the Gulf of Mannar off Mandapam, Southeast Coast of India
The results of this study revealed that growth parameters such as L∞ and k are subject to variation depending on density and diet of the species in question. Expand
Prawn fauna (Crustacea: Decapoda) of India - An annotated checklist of the Penaeoid, Sergestoid, Stenopodid and Caridean prawns
The present annotated checklist is intended to update the scientific nomenclature of all the species recorded from Indian EEZ including the fresh and brackishwater species and to assist ecologists and crustacean taxonomists in future systematic work in view of the important role of prawns in the ecosystem. Expand
Reproductive biology, trophodynamics and stock structure of ribbonfish Trichiurus lepturus from northern Arabian Sea and northern Bay of Bengal
northern Arabian Sea and northern Bay of Bengal was 42649 t and 31944 t. Mean length was significantly higher in the former region. Growth in adults from northern Bay of Bengal was allometric andExpand
On Plesionika quasigrandis Chace, 1985 (Decapoda, Caridea, Pandalidae) from southwestern India
Detailed taxonomic information of P. quasigrandis from India is provided, together with molecular barcoding data, to provide a proper taxonomic account of this pandalid shrimp. Expand
A new record of deep-sea caridean shrimp Heterocarpus chani (Decapoda:Pandalidae) from the southern coast of India
The species Heterocarpus chani was recorded from various fishing harbours on the south coast (Sakthikulangara Fishing Harbour; Kalamuku Landing centre (Kerala) and the Thoothukudi and Nagapattinam Fisheries Harbours Tamil Nadu) from the deep-sea catches. Expand
Stock assessment of Penaeus spp. off the east coast of India
Past work on biological aspects such as postlarval immigration, juvenile emigration, i'ood and feeding habits and maturation and spawning has been reviewed and species-wise and state-wise catch quotas have been suggested based on MSY and the present landings. Expand
Observations on the exploitation of penaeid prawn resources in the Palk Bay off Mandapam during 1986 - '93
The penaeid prawns contributed to 16.70% of the total trawl landings at Mandapam during 1986-'93 and a gradual decline of P.semisulcatus in the species percentage composition and a steady increase of that of M. stridulans was observed. Expand
Marine Spatial Planning for Resource Conservation, Fisheries Management and for Ensuring Fishermen Security–Global Perspectives and Indian Initiatives
How MSP is being used as a decisionsupport tool in various countries for the peaceful coexistence of different stakeholders in the marine zone is reviewed. Expand
Effect of Testosterone Hormone on Performance of Male Broodstock of Black Tiger Shrimp Penaeus monodon Fabricius, 1798
It is suggested that mating success can be enhanced in tiger shrimp domestication programme through inducing males by hormone for achieving selective breeding between desired/ targeted families/groups. Expand