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This paper introduces the Gong system, an Internet-based voice board system designed primarily for language learners which includes special support for Cantonese. The Gong system is a client/server design which may be used to complement or, in some contexts, to replace face to face learning. The system supports Unicode input, storage and display of multiple(More)
The Gong system has been developed for web based communication. It supports synchronous and asynchronous audio communication and can be embedded in other learning management systems. This paper discusses two novel features which are targeted at language learners using the system. The first is the ability to automatically index an audio recording. After the(More)
Web services provide efficient development and deployment of interoperable and reusable applications. Multimedia Web services is an implementation of multimedia applications within the Web services framework. However, current Web services standards are not sufficient to cater for multimedia streaming, the commonly used delivery method for large multimedia(More)
The transfer of streaming data is not well supported by current web services standards. To include multimedia streaming support in the web services domain, this paper presents a novel multimedia streaming web services framework for the transfer of streaming multimedia content. First, the framework includes an implementation of a query service for publishing(More)
The Gong system is a Web-based voice communication system (http://gong.ust.hk). It allows people to communicate in discussion groups using text and audio over the Internet. Major features of the system include voice indexing, selective word/phrase playback, voice speed-up/slow-down, real-time recordable voice chat and the support for multiple languages such(More)
I n this paper we present a new subdivision scheme that is shown to improve the performance of ray tracing surfaces of revolution over Kajiya ' s classical work [8]. This is based on a monotonic interval partitioning of a generatrix of a surface of revolution. The algorithm has a search complexity upper bound of O (l o g (m n)) f o r m ~ monotonic intervals(More)
Authorization I hereby declare that I am the sole author of the thesis. I authorize the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to lend this thesis to other institutions or individuals for the purpose of scholarly research. I further authorize the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to reproduce the thesis by photocopying or by other(More)
The project, A Study of Distance Education at Hong Kong Universities, researched the availability of distance education programs in Hong Kong. The study explored the teaching methods and tools implemented in these programs. We were able to make this information available to Hong Kong universities in order to promote organization and collaboration between(More)
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