Gibeon Soares de Aquino Junior

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Measuring the productivity in software development projects is a historical complex problem. The main problem resides in quantifying the relevant results produced in a software project. Different organizations and persons have distinguished notion about the concept of what is produced and its associated value. Therefore, the appropriate model for measuring(More)
Since the late seventies, efforts to catalog factors that influences productivity, as well as actions to improve it, has been a huge concern for both academy and software development industry. Despite numerous studies, software organizations still do not know which the most significant factors are and what to do with it. Several studies present the factors(More)
This paper explains how incentive systems are defined in software development organizations and the impacts that they can have on team productivity. It also supplies a set of guidelines which is being applied in an organization for the purposes of helping managers to define and implement a reward program as part of the organizational strategy to increase(More)