Gibble Kurt

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A number of cesium atomic fountain primary frequency standards (PFS) realizing the International System (SI) second are contributing to the International Atomic Time (TAI). The accuracy of recent Cs fountain frequency standards reach low 10<sup>-16</sup> level [1-3]. Since 2010 we have been developing a Cs/Rb dual fountain frequency standard, KRISS-F1 [4].(More)
To detect von Willebrand factor multimers in plasma samples and factor VIII concentrates, a vertical discontinuous SDS electrophoresis was developed. A vacuum blotting system allowed to improve the transfer to the nitrocellulose membrane. The visualization of the separated multimers was sensitized by applying an alkaline phosphatase anti-alkaline(More)
The LHC upgrade will extensively increase the area of silicon detectors used in the ATLAS experiment and require substantial changes to the readout system of both the ATLAS and CMS experiments. The two experiments are expected to use optical systems for part of the data and control paths which must withstand levels of radiation equivalent to a dose of(More)
The appearance of fibrinopeptide A (FPA) in plasma indicates that factor VIII has been at least partially activated; consequently, we asked the following questions: (1) Is the FPA content of single donor plasma influenced by the method of blood collection? (2) Does a high FPA content of the starting fresh frozen plasma impair the quality of factor VIII(More)
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