Giasemi K Angeli

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The CsSnI3 perovskite and the corresponding SnF2-containing material with nominal composition CsSnI2.95F0.05 were synthesized by solid-state reactions and structurally characterized by powder X-ray diffraction. Both materials undergo rapid phase transformation upon exposure to air from the black orthorhombic phase (B-γ-CsSnI3) to the yellow orthorhombic(More)
The synthesis, structural characterization, luminescence properties, and proton conduction performance of a new family of isostructural cationic 2D layered compounds are reported. These have the general formula [Ln(H4NMP)(H2O)2]Cl·2H2O [Ln = La(3+), Pr(3+), Sm(3+), Eu(3+), Gd(3+), Tb(3+), Dy(3+), Ho(3+), H6NMP = nitrilotris(methylphosphonic acid)], and(More)
Two new families of divalent metal hybrid derivatives from the aromatic tetraphosphonic acids 1,4- and 1,3-bis(aminomethyl)benzene-N,N'-bis(methylenephosphonic acid), (H2O3PCH2)2-N-CH2C6H4CH2-N(CH2PO3H2)2 (designated herein as p-H8L and m-H8L) have been synthesized by crystallization at room temperature and hydrothermal conditions. The crystal structures of(More)
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