Gianpiero Mazzone

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Objective of this study was to evaluate the performance, the quality and oxidative stability of meat, the total Se and specific selenoamino-acids content of muscle of lambs that were fed diets supplemented from different Se sources and at different levels. Forty-eight Apennine lambs 30day old (12.78±0.94kg) received, during a 63day period, a total mixed(More)
The effects of different loading methods on the welfare, carcass characteristics and meat quality traits of hybrid commercial rabbits were investigated. 384 male rabbits, 82 days old, were transported from the farm to the slaughterhouse. At the farm, 192 rabbits were loaded onto the truck smoothly (S) and 192 rabbits were loaded roughly (R). The S loading(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of the rearing season (autumn vs winter) on the carcass and meat quality of light lambs, obtained according to the traditional farming system usual in central Italy. Eighty carcasses from 60 d+/-3 old unweaned Apennine single birth male lambs, permanently reared indoor, half in autumn (receiving milk from(More)
Eighty Italian heavy pigs having an initial body weight of about 75 kg were allotted to two experimental groups: a low light intensity group (LL), in which pigs received the lowest level of illumination mandatory in piggeries (40 lux) and a high light intensity group (HL), in which pigs were exposed to a higher level of illumination (80 lux). For both(More)
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