Gianpiero Maracchi

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Results show that the year-to-year quality variation of wines produced in North and Central Italy depends on the large-scale climate variability, and that the wine quality improvement in the last four decades is partially due to an increase of temperature and to a decrease of precipitation in West and Central Mediterranean Europe (WME; CME). In addition,(More)
Climatic factors and weather type frequencies affecting Tuscany are examined to discriminate between vintages ranked into the upper- and lower-quartile years as a consensus from six rating sources of Chianti wine during the period 1980 to 2011. These rankings represent a considerable improvement on any individual publisher ranking, displaying an overall(More)
An eco-compatible and sustainable development requires integrated management of all available information and the extraction of analytical evaluation on the impact of human activities. Agrometeorology can be used to contribute to further understanding of the relative importance of each environmental component, organising the field activities and optimising(More)
Meteorology and climatology are disciplines which have been studied foa a long time ago in different epochs and societies. Meteorological data have been collected, either systematically or sporadically, over the course of history by different scientists or amateurs of several civilizations such as Egyptians, Indians, Babylonian, Chinese, Greeks and Romans(More)
The damages from climatic extremes have dramatically increased in the last decades in Europe, as likely outcomes of climate change: floods, droughts, heat waves and hailstorms have brought local as well as widespread damages to farmers, industry, infrastructures and society, to insurance and reinsurance companies; in this work we deal with the hailstorm(More)
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