Gianpiero Gervino

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The aim of this work was to evaluate differences in energy flows between normal and immortalized cells when these distinct biological systems are exposed to environmental stimulation. These differences were considered using a constructal thermodynamic approach, and were subsequently verified experimentally. The application of constructal law to cell(More)
The non-linear Fokker-Planck equation or Kolmogorov forward equation is currently successfully applied for deep analysis of irreversibility and it gives an excellent approximation near the free energy minimum, just as Boltzmann's definition of entropy follows from finding the maximum entropy state. A connection to Fokker-Planck dynamics and the free energy(More)
New (preliminary) data on η photoproduction on the neutron are presented. These data reveal a resonant structure at W=1.67 GeV. Meson photoproduction on the neutron may provide essentially new information regarding the spectrum of baryons. An example is given by a model 1 which exploits the SU(6) symmetry and assumes single-quark transitions from ground(More)
1. Attributing their origin to specific types of stars, however, often proves difficult. Intermediate-mass stars of 4–8 solar masses are expected to have contributed a large fraction of meteoritic stardust 2,3. Yet, no grains have been found with the characteristic isotopic compositions expected for such stars 4,5. This is a long-standing puzzle, which(More)
  • Gy Gyürky, D Bemmerer, +27 authors H P Trautvetter
  • 2008
Recently, the LUNA collaboration has carried out a high precision measurement on the 3 He(α, γ) 7 Be reaction cross section with both activation and on-line γ-detection methods at unprecedented low energies. In this paper the results obtained with the activation method are summarized. The results are compared with previous activation experiments and the(More)
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