Gianpiero Gervino

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The aim of this work was to evaluate differences in energy flows between normal and immortalized cells when these distinct biological systems are exposed to environmental stimulation. These differences were considered using a constructal thermodynamic approach, and were subsequently verified experimentally. The application of constructal law to cell(More)
PURPOSE To date, the effects of electromagnetic fields on cell metabolism have been overlooked. The objective of the present study was to investigate the influence of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) over mitochondrial metabolism and the consequent impact on cancer cell growth. MATERIALS AND METHODS The effects of ELF-EMF on cancer(More)
The possibility of anisotropies in the speed of light relative to the limiting speed of electrons is considered. The absence of sidereal variations in the energy of Compton-edge photons at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility's GRAAL facility constrains such anisotropies representing the first nonthreshold collision-kinematics study of Lorentz(More)
V.G. Gurzadyan(1), J.-P. Bocquet(2), A. Kashin(1), A. Margarian(1), O. Bartalini(3), V. Bellini(4), M. Castoldi(5), A. D’Angelo(3), J.-P. Didelez(6), R. Di Salvo(3), A. Fantini(3), G. Gervino(7), F. Ghio(8), B. Girolami(8), A. Giusa(4), M. Guidal(6), E. Hourany(6), S. Knyazyan(1), V. Kouznetsov(9), R. Kunne(6), A. Lapik(9), P. Levi Sandri(10), A. Lleres(2),(More)
F. Confortola,1 D. Bemmerer,2,* H. Costantini,1 A. Formicola,3 Gy. Gyürky,4 P. Bezzon,5 R. Bonetti,6 C. Broggini,2,† P. Corvisiero,1 Z. Elekes,4 Zs. Fülöp,4 G. Gervino,7 A. Guglielmetti,6 C. Gustavino,3 G. Imbriani,8 M. Junker,3 M. Laubenstein,3 A. Lemut,1 B. Limata,9 V. Lozza,2 M. Marta,6 R. Menegazzo,2 P. Prati,1 V. Roca,9 C. Rolfs,10 C. Rossi Alvarez,2(More)
The nuclear physics input from the 3He(alpha,gamma)7Be cross section is a major uncertainty in the fluxes of 7Be and 8B neutrinos from the Sun predicted by solar models and in the 7Li abundance obtained in big-bang nucleosynthesis calculations. The present work reports on a new precision experiment using the activation technique at energies directly(More)
The ^{22}Ne(p,γ)^{23}Na reaction takes part in the neon-sodium cycle of hydrogen burning. This cycle affects the synthesis of the elements between ^{20}Ne and ^{27}Al in asymptotic giant branch stars and novae. The ^{22}Ne(p,γ)^{23}Na reaction rate is very uncertain because of a large number of unobserved resonances lying in the Gamow window. At proton(More)
The absolute cross section σ(E) for the radiative capture reaction 7Be(p, γ )8B at the center-ofmass energiesE = 0.32 to 2.61 MeV has been measured using a 7Be target deposited on a Cu backing and observing the β-delayed α-particles from 8B. The backing causes a loss of less than 1% of the 8B residual nuclides. The resulting astrophysical S(E) factor at(More)
The double pi(0) photoproduction off the proton has been measured in the beam energy range of 0.65-1.5 GeV. The total and differential cross sections and the Sigma beam asymmetry were extracted. The total cross section measured for the first time in the third resonance region of the nucleon shows a prominent peak. The interpretation of these results by two(More)