Gianpiero Colonna

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a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t An efficient algorithm to calculate the contribution of electron–electron collisions in the Boltzmann equation for free electrons, in the two-term approximation is presented. The electron–electron collision term must be energy-conserving, while, due to non-linearity, commonly used algorithms do not satisfy this(More)
We present a theoretical approach to interpreting optical emission spectroscopy measurements for nonequilibrium conditions. In this approach both the fluid dynamics and the kinetics of laser-induced plasma are taken into account, and the results obtained by the numerical model are applied to the spectroscopic observation of the plasma induced by the(More)
Transport collision integrals for low-lying excited states of nitrogen atoms and ions are derived in the framework of a phenomenological approach following, where possible, also the traditional multipotential procedure. The two sets of results are compared considering critically the observed deviations, and finally, the proposed model is validated by(More)