Gianpiero Colonna

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We present a comparison of numerical results in strongly expanding hypersonic flows that have been obtained using state-to-state and macroscopic thermochemical models. The macroscopic model, which includes direct cross coupling between chemical and vibrational relaxation, has been derived directly from the state-to-state kinetic rates. This makes the(More)
Rate constants for guanine rotation about the Pt-N7 bond in (R,S,S,R)-Me(2)DABPtG(2) complexes (Me(2)DAB = N,N'-dimethyl-2,3-diaminobutane; G = 9-EtG, 3'-GMP, and 5'-GMP) were evaluated from line-shape analysis of H8 resonances. Three diastereomers, two in head-to-tail (DeltaHT and LambdaHT) and one in head-to-head (HH) conformations, exist in equilibrium(More)
Transport collision integrals for low-lying excited states of nitrogen atoms and ions are derived in the framework of a phenomenological approach following, where possible, also the traditional multipotential procedure. The two sets of results are compared considering critically the observed deviations, and finally, the proposed model is validated by(More)