Gianpiero Colonna

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Homology modelling of the human eIF-5A protein has been performed by using a multiple predictions strategy. As the sequence identity between the target and the template proteins is nearly 30%, which is lower than the commonly used threshold to apply with confidence the homology modelling method, we developed a specific predictive scheme by combining(More)
The paper presents radiation models developed to investigate radiation in entry in Earth, Mars and Jupiter atmospheres. The capacity of ASTEROID computing code to simulate elementary radiative processes, calculate spectral and groups optical properties, and also solve simple radiative heat transfer problems is presented for Earth entry. The large number of(More)
The contribution of internal degrees of freedom to thermal-plasma properties has been investigated in a wide range of temperature and pressure. Thermodynamic functions have been calculated modelling in different ways the electronic levels of atomic species (ground-state, Debye-Hückel and confined-atom approximations). Frozen and reactive specific heats are(More)
The paper presents three collisional-radiative models developed to investigate non-equilibrium chemistry and radiation in hypersonic shock tubes operating with different planetary atmospheres. An hybrid collisional-radiative model, employing the state-to-state kinetics of electronically excited states of molecules and the multi-temperature approximation for(More)