Gianpaolo Sorrentino

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This is the first report of the presence of free D-amino acids in lumbar and ventricular human cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of individuals with Alzheimer disease (AD) compared with CSF of normal control subjects and with individuals affected by multiple sclerosis, as an unrelated neurologic disorder. Free D-amino acids are present at significantly higher(More)
A double-blind phase II study of propionyl-L-carnitine (CAS 17298-37-2) versus placebo was carried out on a group of 60 patients with mild to moderate (II and III NYHA class) congestive heart failure. The group was made up of men and women aged between 48 and 73 years in chronic treatment with digitalis and diuretics for at least 3 months and who still(More)
INTRODUCTION The prevalence of liver steatosis is particularly high in subjects with signs of the metabolic syndrome, and current therapeutic guidelines mostly rely on lifestyle changes alone, which rarely achieve significant objective improvements. In the present study, we evaluated the possibility of monitoring objective improvements in these subjects,(More)
Portal vein flow was recorded by color Doppler sonography in 31 patients with chronic heart failure and 18 control subjects. Compared with patients showing a forward flow (Group A), those with reversed portal vein flow (Group B) had higher prevalence of tricuspid regurgitation (75% vs. 43%), hepatic congestion (100% vs. 30%) and ascites (50% vs. 18%), and(More)
A multicentered study was carried out, under double-blind conditions, on 160 elderly patients afflicted with differently localized symptomatic osteoarthritis, for the purpose of evaluating the therapeutical efficacy and tolerability of ST-679 (per-os at a dose of 1200 mg pro die in 80 patients) and to compare them with those of tolmetin (per os at a dose of(More)
Clinical trials have been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of Matrix in osteoarthritis, mainly as regards the advantages offered by its physiological mechanism of action. The experiment, lasting 6 months, was performed on two hundred patients in four different Hospital Departments and one University Center. The results showed a considerable(More)
During the last 13 years 110 children with duplex ureteroceles were treated. There was a 3 to 1 female-to-male predominance. The authors report their experience with a group of 25 patients with duplex ureteroceles diagnosed in utero. Endoscopic incision of the ureterocele was performed as the initial treatment in 18 (72%) of these patients; decompression of(More)
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