Giannis Tzimas

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HbVar ( is one of the oldest and most appreciated locus-specific databases launched in 2001 by a multi-center academic effort to provide timely information on the genomic alterations leading to hemoglobin variants and all types of thalassemia and hemoglobinopathies. Database records include extensive phenotypic descriptions,(More)
The advances in bioinformatics required to annotate human genomic variants and to place them in public data repositories have not kept pace with their discovery. Moreover, a law of diminishing returns has begun to operate both in terms of data publication and submission. Although the continued deposition of such data in the public domain is essential to(More)
FINDbase ( aims to document frequencies of clinically relevant genomic variations, namely causative mutations and pharmacogenomic markers, worldwide. Each database record includes the population, ethnic group or geographical region, the disorder name and the related gene, accompanied by links to any related databases and the genetic(More)
In this paper we present a Web-based, database oriented CSCW system to support information dispersal between di€erent Local Government authorities (Region, Prefecture and Municipalities) and the citizens. The system is implemented around the `shared workspace' notion, a group of directories and ®les controlled by the users of the workspace. Intranet and(More)
AIMS Population and ethnic group-specific allele frequencies of pharmacogenomic markers are poorly documented and not systematically collected in structured data repositories. We developed the Frequency of Inherited Disorders Pharmacogenomics database (FINDbase-PGx), a separate module of the FINDbase, aiming to systematically document pharmacogenomic allele(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Pharmacogenomics aims to rationalize drug use by minimizing drug toxicity and/or by increasing drug efficacy. A large number of genomic markers have been correlated with variable drug responses and severity of adverse drug reactions. Although a number of these drugs bear pharmacogenomic information in their labels--approved by regulatory(More)
The Golden Helix Institute of Biomedical Research is an international nonprofit scientific organization with interdisciplinary research and educational activities in the field of genome medicine in Europe, Asia and Latin America. These activities are supervised by an international scientific advisory council, consisting of world leaders in the field of(More)