Giannis Tsakonas

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Advances in the publishing world have emerged new models of digital library development. Open access schemes are expanding their presence and realize the idea of digital library in various means. While user-centered evaluation of digital libraries has drawn considerable attention during the last years, these systems are currently view from the publishing,(More)
Digital libraries, e-journal platforms, portals, e-prints and other web-based information systems provide services supporting users to perform intense work tasks that require complex interaction activities. The main components of such services are the users, the offered content and the system on which they are performed. This paper presents a model, which(More)
Digital library interaction evaluation has, by nature, a user centered perspective, which directs the scientific research to the benefit of the user and narrows the research parameters. In this paper we propose a new framework for the evaluation of interaction and we introduce the concepts of usefulness, usability and performance as the main contributing(More)
Digital libraries (DLs) are new and innovative information systems, under constant development and change, and therefore evaluation is of critical importance to ensure not only their correct evolution but also their acceptance by the user and application communities. The Evaluation activity of the DELOS Network of Excellence has performed a large-scale(More)
Evaluation of digital libraries assesses their effectiveness, quality and overall impact. To facilitate the comparison of different evaluations and to support the re-use of evaluation data, we are proposing a new logging schema. This schema will allow for logging and sharing of a wide array of data about users, systems and their interactions. We discuss the(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer represents an aggressive malignancy with a high rate of locoregional and distant failure. Therefore, we evaluated the three-drug combination of paclitaxel-ifosfamide-cisplatin (TIP). METHODS Systemic chemotherapy-naive patients with advanced metastatic/relapsed cervical cancer and a World Health(More)
Evaluation of digital libraries assesses their effectiveness, quality and overall impact. In this paper we present a novel, multi-level logging framework that will provide complete coverage of the different aspects of DL usage for user-system interactions. Based on this framework, we can analyse for various DL stakeholders the logging data according to(More)
The digital library evaluation field has an evolving nature and it is characterized by a noteworthy proclivity to enfold various methodological orientations. Given the fact that the scientific literature in the specific domain is vast, researchers require tools that will exhibit either commonly acceptable practices, or areas for further investigation. In(More)
Over the last few years it has been anticipated that molecularly targeted agents can provide substantial improvement in the treatment of breast cancer. The most illustrative paradigm has been that of trastuzumab (Herceptin), a humanized monoclonal antibody against the HER2 oncoprotein overexpressed in 25% of breast cancers. Trastuzumab when combined with(More)