Giannis P. Roussos

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— We present a novel control scheme for multiple non-holonomic vehicles under uncertainty, which can guarantee collision avoidance while complying with constraints imposed on the vehicles. Dipolar Navigation Functions are used for decentralized conflict-free control, while Model Predictive Control is used in a centralized manner in order to ensure that the(More)
— We propose an algorithm for decentralised navigation of multiple independent agents, applicable to Robotics and Air Traffic Control (ATC). We present completely decentralised Navigation Functions that are used to build potential fields and consequently feedback control laws. Our approach employs local sensing, limited by a maximum sensing range and(More)
— We develop the framework of decentralised Navigation Functions for the case of multiple agents of arbitrary shapes and sensing areas around them moving in N-dimensional space. Unlike previous approaches utilising the Navigation Functions methodology, the construction here does not rely on diffeomorphisms , thus reducing the computational cost of the(More)
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