Giannis Milolidakis

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The paper reports on the design of a prototype system to facilitate intertwining of on-line and off-line practices during collaborative networked music master classes. Our approach links with recent theoretical thinking inspired from the concept of communities of practice and aims to devise a system to provide a virtual 'place' for engaging in the practice(More)
The paper explores excavation as a metaphor or conceptual lens for gaining insights to cyber-structures enacted in virtual settlements. More importantly, we vision such excavations in the context of enlarged Internet of Things, an inter-connected world of online remains capable of providing a different lens on how to make sense of cyber-structures linked(More) The online version of this article can be found at: DOI: 10.1177/1356766710391132 2011 17: 17 Journal of Vacation Marketing Vellis Demosthenes Akoumianakis, Nikolas Vidakis, Anargyros Akrivos, Giannis Milolidakis, Dimitrios Kotsalis and George The Case Study of the eKoNES Building 'Flexible' vacation packages using(More)
This paper examines the mechanics and the implications of remediated practices in the context of virtual cross-organizational collaboration. Our treatment of the issue is informed by a case study aiming to assess how imbrications of representations hosted by different social media enable or constrain peer co-engagement of members in a virtual partnership.(More)
The present work rests and elaborates on the assumption that social technologies are increasingly turned into computer-mediated virtual settlements, thereby allowing the excavation of a variety of enacted cyber-phenomena such as ad hoc online ensembles, informal social networks and virtual communities, on the grounds of “digital” traces or remains. In this(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet has become a widely used resource for information on cancer and for support. As part of the EuroCancerComs project (, an intervention study has been designed. The study aims to help patients with cancer providing an Internet "space" where to find information about nutritional care. METHODS The study consists(More)
The paper elaborates on the concept of transformable boundary artifacts and their role in fostering knowledge-based work in cross-organization virtual communities of practice. The domain of investigation is clinical practice guidelines development for cancer. By reviewing the social worlds involved, we claim that guideline development is a boundary spanning(More)