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A main concern for the documentation of artworks (such as paintings, miniatures, icons, manuscripts, wall paintings) is how to reveal the information that stems from the internal paint layers (stratigraphy). This information is up to now mainly acquired through analytical spectroscopic methods which require a micro-sampling operation. In the majority of the(More)
This paper presents the nondestructive stratigraphy determination through the use of UV/VIS/nIR spectroscopy. The UV/VIS/nIR backscattered light through a multilayered structure, such as the paint layers of artworks, is simulated. The device used to produce and measure the backscattered light, is the Perkin-Elmer Lambda 900 UV/VIS/nIR spectrophotometer(More)
An alternative version of decomposition analysis, based on factor cost shares rather than input demand functions, is presented and applied to Greek agriculture. Decomposition analysis shows that most of the changes in factor cost shares during the period from 1973 to 1989 are attributed to technical change and factor substitution, while the role of the(More)
Introduction Most of cross country studies on research productivity differences do not take into account compositional differences in academic staff force, such as sex, years of experience, origin of PhD studies, even though there are well documented evidence that (a) males tend to publish more than females (Gupta et al., 1999); (b) junior academic staff(More)