Giannis Karagiannis

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Recent development in wireless technology enables communication between vehicles. The concept of Co-operative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC) which uses wireless communication between vehicles aims at string stable behaviour in a platoon of vehicles. “String stability” means any non-zero position, speed, and acceleration errors of an individual vehicle in a(More)
This paper represents a dynamic specification of the Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS) based on recent developments on cointegration techniques and error correction models. Based on Greek meat consumption data over the period 1958–1993, it was found that the proposed formulation performs well on both theoretical and statistical grounds, as the theoretical(More)
There is a group of communication services that use resources from multiple domains in order to deliver their service. Authorization of the end-user is important for such services, because several domains are involved. There are no current solutions for delivering authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) to multi-domain services. In our study we(More)
This paper presents two handover mechanisms that can he used in the access part of an ATM-based mobile system. The first handover mechanism, which is called "handover synchronised switching" is relatively simple and does not use any ATM multicasting or resynchrnnisation in the network. It assumes that there is sufficient time available such that all data(More)