Gianni Pucciani

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Data replication is an important aspect in a data grid for increasing fault tolerance and availability. Many grid replication tools or middleware systems deal with read-only files which imply that replicated data items are always consistent. However, there are several applications that do require updates to existing data and the respective replicas. In this(More)
A Data Grid is a wide area computing infrastructure that employs Grid technologies to provide storage capacity and processing power to applications that handle very large quantities of data. Data Grids rely on data replication to achieve better performance and reliability by storing copies of data sets on different Grid nodes. When a data set can be(More)
In Grid environments, several heterogeneous database management systems are used in various administrative domains. However, data exchange and synchronisation need to be available across different sites and different database systems. In this article we present our data consistency service CONStanza and give details on how we achieve relaxed update(More)
AbstrAct Data replication is a well-known technique used in distributed systems in order to improve fault tolerance and make data access faster. Several copies of a dataset are created and placed at different nodes, so that users can access the replica closest to them, and at the same time the data access load is distributed among the replicas. In today's(More)
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