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We evaluated the effects of urban air pollutants on human nasal mucosa over an 8-month period on 102 subjects living in Florence, Tuscany, Italy. A group of subjects living in a city with a lower level of pollution (Sassari, Sardinia, Italy) was also analyzed. Nasal mucosa cells were harvested by brushing, a noninvasive procedure. Half of the cells were(More)
Ablation of the larynx implies withdrawal of afferent information from receptors involved both in the control of expiratory flow and in the genesis of protective airway reflexes including coughing. To investigate the effects of laryngectomy on the sensory and motor component of coughing, maximal voluntary cough (MVC) efforts as well as the reflex cough (RC)(More)
Capsaicin, a nonenamide derived from Capsicum plants, has proven useful in patients with vasomotor rhinitis. In the present study, we studied the effects of 15 micrograms capsaicin suspended in 100 microliters solution in patients with known vasomotor rhinitis. Drug was given 3 times/day for 3 days to each patient by means of a spray delivered to the nasal(More)
Human skin fibroblasts were exposed to 0.2 T static magnetic field generated by a magnetic resonance tomograph. After 1h exposure, cell morphology was modified in association with a concomitant decrease in the expression of some sugar residues of glycoconjugates. Study of cell proliferation and mitogenic signal transduction showed a decrease of thymidine(More)
The postoperative course was evaluated for 458 consecutive patients, all over the age of 56 years, who had undergone laryngeal conservation surgery in the last 10 years. One hundred seventy-one patients aged 66 and over made up the "elderly" group and 287 patients, aged between 56 and 65 years formed the control group. It was confirmed that cordectomy and(More)
The histologic variety of parotid gland carcinomas, their different natural history, and the peculiar anatomy of the parotid region can make prognosis and therapeutic strategy quite controversial. The present study was designed to evaluate those prognostic factors able to affect the long-term results in a group of 167 consecutively treated parotid(More)
The results of 25 years of quasi-routine total parotidectomy performance are shown. At the Department of Otolaryngology of the University of Florence, 582 patients were treated as follows: on 527 occasions by total parotidectomy with facial nerve preservation; 24 occasions by lateral lobectomy; 27 occasions by total parotidectomy with removal of the whole(More)
To date only few and often disagreeing studies about human nasopharynx are available. The present research has the purpose to give a contribution to the knowledge of nasopharyngeal epithelium using S.E.M. The study was carried out on biopsies taken from 20 healthy volunteers. The surface of nasopharynx is covered by ciliated cells, microvilli provided cells(More)
A role of prostaglandins (PGs) and leukotrienes (LTs) in the pathogenesis of nasal polyps has been recently suggested. Cyclooxygenase (CO) products (thromboxane B2, PGE2 and 6-keto PGF1 alpha) and lipoxygenase (LO) products (LTB4 and LTC4) were investigated by radioimmunoassay in polyps, hypertrophic turbinates and nasal mucosa from 14 patients with(More)