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This paper is devoted to the mathematical analysis of a thermomechanical model describing phase transitions in terms of the entropy and order structure balance law. We consider a macroscopic description of the phenomenon and make a presentation of the model. Then, the initial and boundary value problem is addressed for the related PDE system, which contains(More)
This paper was initiated during a visit of JS to the Università di Pavia. The kind hospitality and stimulating atmosphere of the Università di Pavia are gratefully acknowledged. Some financial support comes from the MIUR-PRIN Grant 2010A2TFX2 " Calculus of Variations ". Abstract In this paper, we investigate optimal boundary control problems for(More)
We study a diffusion model of phase field type, consisting of a system of two partial differential equations encoding the balances of microforces and microenergy; the two unknowns are the order parameter and the chemical potential. By a careful development of uniform estimates and the deduction of certain useful boundedness properties, we prove existence(More)
In this paper we establish second-order sufficient optimality conditions for a boundary control problem that has been introduced and studied by three of the authors in the preprint arXiv:1407.3916. This control problem regards the viscous Cahn–Hilliard equation with possibly singular potentials and dynamic boundary conditions.
This paper investigates a nonlocal version of a model for phase separation on an atomic lattice that was introduced by P. Podio-Guidugli in Ric. Mat. 55 (2006) 105-118. The model consists of an initial-boundary value problem for a nonlinearly coupled system of two partial differential equations governing the evolution of an order parameter ρ and the(More)
In this paper we study a model for phase segregation consisting in a sistem of a partial and an ordinary differential equation. By a careful definition of maximal solution to the latter equation, this system reduces to an Allen-Cahn equation with a memory term. Global existence and uniqueness of a smooth solution are proven and a characterization of the(More)
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