Gianni Ambrosini

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BACKGROUND Ionising radiation carries an oncogenic risk which is linearly related to the dose. An estimation of the effective dose can be obtained from the measurements of the dose-area product (DAP), which is a measure of stochastic risk and a potential quality indicator. AIM To assess radiation exposure of patients in a large volume cardiac cath-lab. (More)
Background. Immediate breast reconstruction (IBR) by means of skin expander is currently one of the most widely used methods of breast reconstruction in mastectomized patients. However, given that many breast cancer patients usually receive adjuvant chemotherapy, the adoption of IBR raises new questions concerning possible cumulative toxicity. The present(More)
OM-8980 is an immunomodulating drug which has been shown in double blind placebo controlled trials to be effective in the management of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). For this report, longterm information was collected from 32 patients (27 women, 5 men) with RA who had been treated for periods ranging from one to over 8 years with OM-8980 daily (median 5(More)
In 95 Swiss patients with classical ankylosing spondylitis (AS) the tissue antigen HLA-B27 was present in 92.6%, compared with 7.7% in healthy Swiss blood donors. Assuming the prevalence of ankylosing spondylitis in Switzerland to be 1.9 promille, the chance of a Swiss carrier of HLA-B27 to develop a classical form of AS would be only some 2.2%. For(More)
The question, whether HLA-B27-negative patients with classical ankylosing spondylitis (AS) belong to a separate nosological entity, was studied by a standardized analysis of 12 clinical, 8 radiological and 6 laboratory criteria in 95 cases, including 7 with HLA-B27-negativity, who reinforced international criteria for classical AS. The results showed(More)
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