Gianna Panetta

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After over a century of extensive research, hemoglobin has become the prototype of allosteric and cooperative proteins. Its molecular structure, known in great detail, has allowed the design of hundreds of site directed mutations, aimed at interfering with its function, and thus at testing our hypotheses on the molecular mechanisms of allostery. The wealth(More)
Linker histones are a major determinant of chromatin condensation. We discuss here the nature and position of the interaction of the globular domain of histone H5 with the core nucleosome and the relevance of this positioning to chromatin structure and the regulation of transcription of the Xenopus borealis 5S rRNA genes.
XendoU is the first endoribonuclease described in higher eukaryotes as being involved in the endonucleolytic processing of intron-encoded small nucleolar RNAs. It is conserved among eukaryotes and its viral homologue is essential in SARS replication and transcription. The large-scale purification and crystallization of recombinant XendoU are reported. The(More)
Hemoglobin-based blood substitutes are one of the options available to derive a resuscitating fluid taking into account clinical and physiological demands. In this paper we investigated a novel protein, Hb(alphaalpha,betabeta) obtained as a combination of two homodimers alpha(2) and beta(2) both derived from a fusion gene containing two alfa chains or two(More)
In addition to the well-known internal promoter elements of tRNA genes, 5' flanking sequences can also influence the efficiency of transcription by Saccharomyces cerevlslae extracts In vitro. A consensus sequence of yeast tRNA genes in the vicinity of the transcriptional start site can be derived. To determine whether the activity of this region can be(More)
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