Gianna Cecchetto

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Knowledge of the carrion-breeding insects present at a local level is important and necessary for defining the post-mortem interval. Climate changes and globalisation are affecting species ranges and population dynamics. In this note, we report the incidence of Chrysomya albiceps (Diptera: Calliphoridae) on dead human bodies and carrion in Northern Italy.(More)
Forensic pathologists are often asked to provide evidence of asphyxia death in the trial and a histological marker of asphyxiation would be of great help. Data from the literature indicate that the reaction of lung tissue cells to asphyxia may be of more interest for forensic purposes than migrating cells. The lungs of 62 medico-legal autopsy cases, 34(More)
The genus Eucalyptus includes over 700 species, some of which are the most widely planted hardwoods worldwide. Each species and subspecies of Eucalyptus present different characteristics regarding its wood quality and yield. This fact makes it very important to work with known species/subspecies so as to optimize handling and conservation of forest(More)
Aims Forensic radiology is a specialized area of medical imaging utilizing radiological techniques to assist physicians and pathologists in matters pertaining to the law. Aim of the present research is to apply traditional and innovative radiological techniques in the field of forensic pathology in real cases, as well as in experimental models of wounds,in(More)
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