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—This paper presents the design and fabrication of Single-Port lapaRoscopy bImaNual roboT (SPRINT), a novel tele-operated robotic system for minimally invasive surgery. SPRINT, specifically designed for single-port laparoscopy, is a high-dexterity miniature robot, able to reproduce the movement of the hands of the surgeon, who controls the system through a(More)
A new class of asymptotically nonparametric two-sample approximate tests for discrete interval-censored data is proposed. This class extends the family developed by Pepe and Fleming (1989, Biometrics 45, 497-507) for right-censored data and is based on an integrated weighted difference in survival function estimates. The tests are sensitive to the(More)
Fig. 1. Achitecture of the STIFF-FLOP arm and dimensions of a single module. On the left inset section of the single module, on the right inset cross section of the module. Abstract— This paper presents the design of a single module composing a modular soft variable stiffness manipulator for minimal access surgery. The module exploits flexible fluidic(More)
This paper presents a novel master-slave teleoperated robotic platform designed for Single Port Laparoscopy. The SPRINT (Single-Port lapaRoscopy bimaNual roboT) is composed of two high-dexterity 6 Degrees of Freedom (DOFs) robotic arms, a stereoscopic camera and a dedicated console for the robot control by the surgeon. Along with a short summary of the(More)
We consider methods for selecting the joint specification of the mean and variance functions in statistical models for rates or counts. Based on analyses of diagnosis-specific hospital discharge rates in Michigan, we show that a Poisson model with an extra variance component for the systematic variation is superior to several other probability models with(More)
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